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  • Rent Increase-PA Pennsylvania

    We are on a month to month lease and my land lord just sent out a letter dated december 4th, that effective jaunuary 1st, the rent will increase to 700 due to installation of ac this summer. What is the time frame a land lord has to give notice on rent increase. In out lease it states that a land lord can give a 2 months notive to vacate the premisies. but we have to give a 30 day notice to leave. how am i able to give a 30 day notice to leave when he hasnt even given us a 30 day notice of rent increase. I think this all stems from problems with another tennit that lives below us and me complaining about her tv on at all hours of the day/night. can some one help me with my rights? please

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    Since he missed the deadline and it is your wish to move, you might inform him that by law his notice does not become effective until the 1st of Feb.
    I would also give him my notice which would also be effective on the 1st of Feb. Keep his letter and make a copy as you may need to show it to the court if he decides to fight you.