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wa state 3 day pay or vacate notice

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  • wa state 3 day pay or vacate notice

    Please help me!! I live in wa state; and I signed a 6 month lease to rent a house for which I've been living in for 2 month's. I lost my job and have been trying to catch-up on the rent; still behind 6-800.00 dollars. The landlord wants me to vacate my rental house by this weekend. Question I have: I signed a 6 month lease. Do I NOT have a least 30 days legally before she can have me removed or searved a notice from the Sheriff's dept since I sighned the lease.?? PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MY LEGAL RIGHTS ARE AT THIS TIME!!!!!

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    Landlord is trying to save you both the expense and trouble of formal eviction. So you received notice. Considering you have no money and they are not asking you to pay back rent, may be a good deal for you to take because in court, you will likely lose and have to pay unpaid back rent plus court costs and landlord's attorney fees.