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How do I file a complaint against a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, mortgage agent

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  • How do I file a complaint against a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, mortgage agent

    How do I file a complaint against a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, mortgage agent or escrow agency or agent in Nevada?
    Thanks, I look forward to your response!


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    Re: How do I file a complaint against a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, mortgage

    The Mortgage Lending Division will accept and investigate all complaints filed against any company or individual under our regulatory authority. Refer to our licensing records for a complete list of companies and individuals under our jurisdiction. Complaints must be received in writing and may be submitted directly via this form or faxed or mailed to the addresses listed on our home page. Copies of any documentation in support of your complaint should be included with the submission. The division will correspond with all complainants upon completion of the investigation.

    Refer to question ten for assistance in determine the appropriate regulatory agency for companies not directly regulated by the Mortgage Lending Division.

    Please contact me again if I can help in any way.
    Yours truly,


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      Complaint in Maryland

      How do I file a complaint against a Maryland Mortgage broker. This person has strung me along stating that I have a closing date and now he is not returning my calls and the seller is in a bind.


      • #4 -- atterney general, DRE in your State!

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          I need help. I want to file a complaint on Aggressive Mortage Company.

          About 3 months ago I applied with Agressive Mortage company and recieved an approval. When it came time to Close they told me more day and then one more day , after 5 days my contract was up and the seller got another offer right away. So I lost the Condo that I wanted. Then the broker told me the loan is ready all you have to do is find another condo for the same price. The person I was dealing with promised that it wouldn't happen again and she would take care of fee's to make up for the $2,000 I lost. So I found a new condo which I was suppose the close on Nov. 26th I spoke Nena (the person i was working with from aggressive) on Nov 22nd which was a thursday and she told me yes everythings ready to go. On Friday the 23rd my real estate agent realized the titling company hadn't received everything from the broker, so we started to call to see what was going on, At this time Nena starting avioding my phone calls. Then I was getting upset because she promised everything was ready at this point I got refered to Steven which is the Manager. Steven told me he had to change banks and that he was waiting for a field review and everything would be done in a week. He sounding honest so I trusted what he said. A week past then he said he needed a few more days, then he started avoiding my phone calls. I would call him and he would say I will call you in 1 hour with a definate answer and then 4 hours would pass and I called him back like 20 times because he just wouldn't not take my calls, leaving me on hold for upto 15 mins. at a time. When I finaly got him on the phone i told him i was waiting for his return call and his reply was I will call you when I'm ready and then hanging up the phone. So last week I spoke with another employee to find out what the hold up is, She informed me that they didn't have there D.C. Lincense and that there was no field study. Also last week the sellers wanted me to sign a release, when Steven found that out he said please don't sign the release and gave a full approval letter stating we would close in 4 days, which now has turned into a week. What should I do? Who can help me? I want to make sure they don't do this to anyone else. I was almost homeless because my lease was up on the end of Nov. luckily I have a great landlord that understands and gave me another month but now I'm at the end of that.


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            From the contyents of this thread, it seems that the title "broker" has two meanings.


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              Contact HR or their supervisor. See if they have a website so that you can let others know how you felt after doing business with this particular individual. That broker will pay BIG time for that.
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                You all do realize that this thread is from 2005, right?

                I suspect that the OP has long since resolved his situation.
                The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.