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    I've been a clerical employee for 9 yrs and for the past two years a public school registrar. My supervisor is forcing me to work as an educational aide and special ed. educational aide which both require certifications on a state and federal level. I have neither and have been placed one on one w/a high risk behavior student that I can't control.I am so not qualified.I've voiced my concern to her thru letter and meeting but she refuses to reinstate me to my registrar position because a certified ed. aide is on light duty and needs my registrar position. Will I be liable for breaking the law or is the school district responsible? Can I refuse the duty w/o being fired since I don't want to break the law? Most importantly, what kind of attorney do I need for this kind of situation? I'd like an attorney who is experienced w/public school districts.
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    Are you covered by a union contract? If not, IF you report that the employer is requiring you to perform duties that require certifications that you do not have, to the proper outside governing authority, for example, the school board, and you are fired or otherwise adversely treated because you reported it, then you would need an attorney knowledgeable in wrongful termination, because that's the cause of action you would have.

    The rules of this board, however, prohibit recommending specific attorneys, as well as attorneys trolling for clients here.
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      Thank you very much pmd. I wasn't aware of the rules of the board and I will familiarize myself w/them before posting any other questions. Unfortunately I'm not a member of a union.I've researched for 2 days now and finally decided on one but their conditions include not having knowledge of a case that might need legal representation 30 days before. This whole ordeal is just stemming from retaliation for going over my boss's head, unknowingly last late Aug that led me to have to take a 2 week medical leave for anxiety due to the hostile enviroment and psychological harassment per my doc. I have so much documentation about the case and continue to see the psychiatrist and psychologist my doc referred me to due to the treatment at work. It all seems so petty now but I'm afraid it may end w/me losing my job or original position which I adore. I used to fear my boss so much I'd have a panic attack but I'm so much stronger now knowing that no can make me feel anything, I make myself feel the things I do. I'm in control. Maybe that's why she's fighting to keep away from my area. Thanks again!!!