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  • Philadelphia Sirway SCAM

    I currently work for "an airline" at the PHiladelphia International Airport. I was interviewed in May of 2004, then hired in July. I got a great job I love to do everyday. I agreed with the paycut of quitting my other job to take this one because I thought this job would have more opportunities to take care of my children in the future since I have one and another coming any day now. The pay scale they gave me was a pay scale for what the union agreed with US Airways to give us. Knowing that in 10 years I would be paid over $20 an hour I thought it would be a great change from my old jobs since most of their maxium raises wouldn't reach $1.00 an hour in a year.

    At the end of my 2 week training course, one of the trainers told us there was a rumor going around for a whole now about <another company>. I learned in the last week which is over a month past my training that <this other company> is a company owned by <my employer>. We were told in training on the last day we wouild be offered a job there if we like, this past week I learned that if we don't take the job by September 13, we don't have a job. <My employer> is forcing us to move to their new company and their pay rate starts out at $7 an hour, maxing out at $14 after twelve years.

    I quit a job that would have been better because they promised me things I have now. They are telling me that since I am on probation, they can easily let me go if I don't take this job under their other company without legal issues. I love my job but I have 2 kids to worry about and I can't be taking pay cuts just so management can give themselves 5 million dolllar bonuses each year.

    I have less thena month before I either get terminated or forced to a job that will get me no where. I don't know what legal options I have. I am not part of the union at <my employer> because their contract states that probationary employees are not yet apart of the union. So even though they want to protect us, they say their hands are tied. Please, if anyone has any advise that can help me counter the scam US Airways is using on me to force low pay for hazardous work conditions, please let me know.

    Also since I am on the issue, I currently did not get paid the full amount of my paycheck I was suppose to recieve last Friday. Our pay periods go from Monday to Sunday and then every 2 weeks we get paid on Fridays, most of the time they pay us on thursday. I recieved my check on Friday to learn that I wasn't paid for all my hours worked. I come to learn that THEY lost the paperwork on me I summited for my hours. Also on top of that when I went around and got the proper paperwoerk all over again that day, they told me that at the earliest I could get paid on Monday. Today (Monday) I was told I have to wait until the next payday to get the money I already earned. Why can they hold back my pay on their mistake? Since taking a paycut I need all the money from each paycheck to make ends meet, how am I suppose to pay for food for my daughter, wife, and unborn baby if they are holding my money? What law are they violating that would allow me to force their hand and hand over my money?

    A very depressed airline employee
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    Problem with an Employer

    I edited your message so that it does not mention the name of your employer. I don't want you to have issues with potential defamation issues.

    In any case, you may wish to talk with the National Medication Board. The National Mediation Board is the agency that oversees union issues in the airline industry. THe moves made my your employer may be one to attempt to avoid negotiations with the union at the original employer.

    The National Medication Board may be found at:

    Please let me know what happens to your situation. I am very interested in the outcome.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator