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feel no hope Vermont, wake up!

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  • feel no hope Vermont, wake up!

    Don't worry 156thSt it will eventually get better. Hopefully there
    won't be too much more waiting. There is support for you on this board.
    We also went through VSC and it took longer than the posted processing
    time. We were lucky in the end because things went very quickly on the
    NVC and consulate end of things. Remember if need be and you really
    think your case is on the back burner you can always call your senator
    or state rep's office for some help. I e-mailed Rep Holden and after
    that things went at lightning speed. Maybe we were just lucky but I
    think the e-mail helped a lot.

    I do have to second the anti-VSC
    attitude some have on this forum...remember all things are bearable when
    there is an end in sight. It's when you have come past the end and you
    are in the abyss of uncertainty that you start to lose hope. Also I
    think some people who wait at the beginning forget this is only the
    beginning. Some of the people who have to wait on the other SCs are
    lucky to go through DOs where EAD and AOS don't take nearly as long.
    It's all relative. Sure, the K-1 process took us 3 months but the AOS
    process is going to take over 15 months and EADs are talking almost 3
    months. I know those aren't the longest waits and sure, there are some
    people who get the short end of the stick and get long waits the whole
    way through. Just don't think that because you go through VSC that the
    whole process is some how easier because you don't have as long of an
    initial wait. My husband and I are thankful that we are able to do this
    part of the process together but it's still difficult waiting. Everyone
    here has suffered through the waiting process at some stage, I don't
    think it's constructive to tell other people they should be thankful
    they' re not going though your SC. If you feel that way fine, most of
    the time people going through VSC probably do recognize their good
    fortune, I know I did. It didn't make the wait any easier or watching
    our processing date come and go with no response. This forum is a great
    place for if someone who is going through the fastest
    service center needs support don't trivialize it because they are
    "lucky". If it was all smooth sailing they wouldn't be posting in the
    first place about their concerns or feelings.

    Ok, I'm getting dizzy
    standing on my soap box, time to get down.

    Don't forget we're here for
    you 156thSt.


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