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    Hi! It's my first time here . I have a similar question and also
    hoping for some answer .

    We were RFE'd on Aug . 8 ( asking for birth certificate of my
    daughter ) . The notice was mailed to our lawyer in the states . I
    sent the birth certificate to our lawyer around 1st week of
    September but it wasn't until Sept. 26 that the online status was
    updated ( at first it says that they have received the documents
    and that it's taking them 210 -900 days on processing this case but
    it changed a week later to 30-90 days ) . My lawyer says that they
    did sent the documents but BCIS was just delayed on updating the
    online status and now our status have not changed . I've been
    reading a lot abour RFE's and it shouldn't take longer than 1 month
    , some only took less than 1 wee after notice of receipt .

    I'm praying that we get the approval soon coz I'm due to give birth
    on March next year .

    Here is my timeline

    May 31 , 2002 - Manila

    January 10 , 2003 - receipt notice from VSC

    Aug. 8 , 2003 - RFE online

    Sept 6 ,2003 - RFE received notice from BCIS

    Waiting till now.....:-(

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