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Another Vermont approval! :D

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  • Another Vermont approval! :D

    Every day I get home from work and the very first thing I do is check
    our case status online.. and every day I get the same message about it
    having been received. Well today I was surprised to see the cherished
    "This case has been approved. On October 3, 2003, an approval notice was
    mailed..." message! And it's only been 25 days since NOA1! I was
    expecting at least two more weeks! This has totally made my weekend,
    and I cried with joy for at least ten minutes...

    Anyway, now on to part 2! Can anyone tell me how long it typically
    takes for the case to be sent to the NVC and then on to London? I think
    I've seen posts here that indicate that it's not very long at all, but
    is it a week? Two weeks?

    Also, will the case status online page do anything for me now that it's
    on its way to the NVC, or has it pretty much finished its usefulness?

    Oh my god, I'm so happy.. I know 25 days was incredibly quick, but it's
    felt like 25 years!

    As an aside, I just realized that tomorrow (October 4th) it will be
    exactly two years ago that my love and I first met in person... it must
    be fate...

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    Another Vermont approval!

    Congrats guys!

    You can see my timeline below. (FYI - I just got my NVC approval via
    mail today.)

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      Another Vermont approval!

      Hey Congratulations!!!

      The same thing happened to me...mine was approved the 2nd and I was
      shocked...I really thought I was going to wait longer. Vermont seems to
      be back to it's speedy processing!!

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        Another Vermont approval!

        Congrats!!! That is very cool!!, I wish I got my approval
        that quick!!!


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          Another Vermont approval!

          Originally posted by Hypertweeky
          Congrats!!! That is very cool!!, I wish I got my approval that quick!!!

          ... me too, LOL!


          Great Vermont news !

          Best of luck for everything lying ahead!


          VSC-Timeline: 06/05/03 NOA 1 ... 06/26/03 RFE ... 07/10/03 Info back at VSC ... 09/19/03 congressman contacted ... (info: on adjudicator's desk since 09/10/03) ... the rest is silence

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            Another Vermont approval!


            I sent my petition in via Express Mail on the 4th of September, and
            the Vermont Service Center received it the next day, on the 5th of
            September. I have still to get the first NOA . . . .I am in process of
            writing them to find out a status.

            When did you mail your application in to the VSC? How long did you
            wait thereafter to get an approval notice?

            Does anyone have a fax number so I can fax them rather than writing?

            How long did you have to wait for your first NOA?