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Update: Posponed inrerview until after 2nd wedding anniversary

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  • Update: Posponed inrerview until after 2nd wedding anniversary

    Hey I was able to get my AOS interview rescheduled SO they moved it
    from Aug 20 to Oct 22. The reason for Oct is because they are not
    doing any Sept interviews. Its been over a yr and a half so I'll have
    to get a new medical done too. SO yup yup it will be past my 2nd year
    wedding anniversary and I'm foing to start getting our docs together
    so whenever it gets approved, it will be unconditional, no filing
    I-751 yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, it pays to file with a "nice" office.

    ************************************************** *****************************

    Originally posted by Queen Jul 2, 2003
    Hello everyone, I filed my AOS through I-130 in Utah office June 20,
    2002, I've received a notice for interview for late Aug. This is like
    2 weeks b4 our 2nd anniversary!! The lady at the SLC office says I can
    always reschedule if I cant make it, so I want to do that. I figure
    its so close that I'd rather do it now and not have to worry about
    filing for removal of conditions and dealing with the BCIS more than
    we have to.
    So I plan on rescheduling in the next couple of days, The office is
    helpful, and I usually get through on the phone, actually found out
    everything about my intervciew over the phone b4 receiving it in the

    Also if i dont reschedule and instead "forget" something like my
    passport, they cant approve me on that day right? Then again they