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LPR and Divorce in New York

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  • LPR and Divorce in New York

    Hi New Hope, I'm sorry to hear of your situation. Personally, I would not lie. Too bad if that doesn't result in a quickie divorce that your wife wants...but it's far better to be honest with all your legal paperwork. Lying won't harm her, but you don't want it to come back and harm you, just in case. Stick up for your right to be honest, and find a different lawyer who won't encourage you to lie on legal paperwork. I wish you all the best, Rene
    Like Noorah101 said be honest and tell the truth. I will not go with a
    lawyer that wanna lie on paperwork i would always go with a honest well
    named family experienced lawyer that will guide u through the divorce.
    Like they said what goes around come around

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