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US CItizens married abroad New York

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  • US CItizens married abroad New York

    both my wife and I are us citizens. we were married abroad (india) this past Feb. 2006. We were wondering how to go about transferring that certificate over to a valid NYS marriage cert. Where do we go? What forms do we fill out? I've tried to research this on the web, but have found basically no information on this. The NYC Marriage center does not provide any sort of information on this as well.. Any help is appreciated...
    Thanks in advance
    Hardy S.

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    International Marriage

    Perhaps there is no information because your marriage is already recognized. My parents were married in Italy. The documentation is in Italian. They never had a problem.

    Check with the personnel office where you work. Your biggest concerns are medical coverage for your spouse and children, and outside of the work place, the orderly transfer of assets if tragedy should happen.

    If you are still concerned, why not just apply for a certificate and state that it has already taken place.