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i want to marry my aussie fiancee New York

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  • i want to marry my aussie fiancee New York

    i want to marry my fiancee who lives in australia. i'm a u.s. citizen by birth living in nyc. she has two sons, 7 and 6, and we've decided that we want our life together to be here in the states. she's already filed for international relocation to be able to bring her sons with her. if it's approved, what would our next step be? do i need a fiancee visa to bring her and her kids over her to marry? australia is part of the visa waiver program, can we just bring her over as a tourist and marry here? would that be legal? in either case, after we marry here, what would the next step be to make sure that they are legal to stay here beyond any visa limits? do we apply for a permanent residency, do i file to keep her and the kids here as my immediate relatives, do we apply for a green card? is all that stuff the same or different, i don't know. i never thought i'd marry someone who wasn't american, but life and love happens, and i now find myself in uncharted waters. any and all advice, recommendations, or thoughts would be appreciated.