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Child custody battle between USC and illegal alien

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  • Child custody battle between USC and illegal alien

    have a friend who is a USC and he has children by a woman who is not a USC. I think she is jamaican, hatian, or something of that sort. She told him from the beginning of their relationship that she was not a USC but had a green card but she has never proved that to him or anyone else for that matter. He tried to have a relationship with this woman for the sake of the children but she would constantly abandoned him and the children for months at a time without any notification. From my understanding, these women are known to abandon and/or give their children away. After the last abandonment, my friend decided enough was enough and he would not allow her to come back. So for the last three years he has solely taken care of his children. Honestly, since they were born. She has had no part of these children lives financially or physically for the last two years. Now, my friend has met a woman whom is beautiful inside and out and he loves her deeply and wants to marry her. The woman has been and is very accepting and receiving of the children and has shown the deepest compassion and love for them and the children for her. The children actually calls her "momma". Unfortunately the biological mother has gotten wind of all of this and is trying to return to their lives. She is popping up all the time with her drama causing problems with my friend and his fiancee. She told him that if he follows through with this she will take the children and file for custody and child support. She knows this will hurt him. My friend believes she would do it because she is a very evil, conniving, vindictive woman. The fiancee is fed up and stated that she refuse to go any further in this relationship until this is straighten out. He is really hurt because he loves his children and don't want to be parted from them and he really loves his fiancee and don't want to lose her. Have you ever seen a grown man cry? I told him I didn't think she could do any of that if she is not a USC but I don't really know. He really loves his fiancee and don't want to lose her. Within the last 8 years I have never seen him so happy and joyfully until the day he met this woman. I need someone to help me, help him.