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K-1 visa updated so far Missouri

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  • K-1 visa updated so far Missouri

    since my last date I have talked to my attorney and Im getting conficking information. He told me he can still get her over here with my legal documents and the Immigration office said We have to go to the Embassy and see the same Officer and prove to him that we are not lying and its up to him to say yes or no and it could take up to 2-3 years to get our interview again. Now what do we do. I have sent more legal documents showing who my fiance is and where she was born.

    This is really unbelievable especially since we have all the illegal immigrates in our country today and they are going to get pardon and get permmant visas cause they work here at large companies for Pennies. This is how messed up our country is. If you come here illegally our country will pardon you as long as your working and if you try to come over legal they find anything to deny you.

    What a great country we live in. Its so currupted its sick and they talk about other countries being so curupted. Lets fix our country first. And do the right things for the people who try to be legal citizens of America

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    Sorry, but I am new here, so I want to ask this:

    IF the problems can't be "fixed," can you go to her country, marry her and then chang to a K-3 visa? speed things up? My understanding is that a K-3 visa need not produce evidance of relationship or of intent, as the marriage certificate does that. (???)


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      about the k-3 visa

      I was told by my attorney if we got married and filed the k-3 we would still have the fake marriage certificate against us so we have to make sure it is completly erased from the record. Which I think is boggus since they have no other documents to prove what is real and we have all the other documents stating who she is and what she had done in her lifetime.

      Its a mess and I almost believe that if you try to bring somone who you really love across its horrifing because they dont care. Nobody does over there in the Embassy.

      All the NSO in the Philippines wants is money. and wants you start giving them money it never stops. As I was told by several people. Its a mess and Im really sorry to say that the security in America for immigration is really bad. It really is. They should go after the ones that do crimes. Not the couples that are in love and hoping for a great life and family together.

      But then yet no matter what I have tried it alwas comes up to how much more money do I need to get her across. Thats also considering paying the lawyers there top dallors cause they all say well thats a hard case now so I need this for a retainer. They are all legal crooks so be ware. And good luck to all who try to bring there fiance over.

      Oh yea one more thing if your fiance is not good looking or old they get to come across alot easier. This has been proven by several people.