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EB-5 Visa based on Regional Center Investment

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    EB-5 Visa based on Regional Center Investment

    In most cases read designated regional center as somewhere you don't walk alone at night...or even the day in some case...The allotted visas available never get used up...
    I've only walked around one regional center, in Seattle, and it was
    fine. I lunched in one restaurant and had dinner in another. Our car was
    still OK when we returned and the next day I walked from downtown
    through the heart of SODO where the immigrant investor buildings are
    located. It's a thriving commercial centre with car lots and offices
    including Starbucks head office, which houses 3,000 employees.

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      Thanks for all your post on EB5. I am a new visitor and also trying to start a business in USA.

      Let me tell you my background and my intention to get a GC. I am currently residing in USA on H1B for more than 2 yrs. I like to start a software company who will involved in developing/supporting software companies.I have $500K in US bank. In that I have made $250 myself and got $250K from my relatives as gift.I am looking for rural areas to setup my company as my company dont need any big cities.

      The business plan I am going show as, I will hire 3 people after starting my company after 9 months 3 more people after 12 months 4 others. This time period may little changes but not greatly.

      Since I am doing software consultant work currently, i will also continue doing the consulting job for 3 or 4 days a week. Remaining days I will focus on my business.

      Please have comment/scrutinize my plans. I appreciate if any one tried of getting GC this way.


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        Muhammad Saleem

        Originally posted by Jonathan McNeil Wong View Post
        ben1970 wrote:

        Three comments:

        One reason many early ECs failed to pass the condition was because INS
        changed the rules in the middle. The agency had issued early
        administrative guidance suggesting that certain investment formats were
        ok, then changed its mind. Immigration lawyers howled in protest, but
        in a case called Matter of Izumii, the Board of Immigration Appeals said
        that because the guidance was not a formal regulation, applicants could
        not rely on it.

        In terms of the lousy area, you don't have to live in the same place
        where your money is invested.

        The money really does have to be yours, and it has to be "at risk",
        meaning you have to be at risk of losing it all. USCIS will ask for
        documentation about where the money came from, but the purpose there is
        to be sure that it isn't a disguised money laundering operation (at the
        time of its enactment, certain features were written in disqualifying
        money obtained from drug and criminal activities). The money does not
        have to be cash. If you borrow $500,000 from a bank and invest it all,
        that counts, so long as the investment isn't secured by the business.

        This is the kind of case that needs a lawyer; don't try it on your own.

        Above intended as general commentary, not specific legal
        advice. Your mileage may vary.

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        Hi Can you please answer following questions as I just started doing research , I am a Canadian Citizen and want to apply 3 cases together -

        1-When can I get my money back in case my case is completed or denyed ?
        2-What are the chances ?
        3-How good is the investment in Seattle Scheme-
        4-How do I find the "Targeted Areas in Washington-Texas state and California-




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          Hi Henry

          Can you please send me info package on my email : [email protected]