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The EAD System is a mess !!!

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  • Sean Hedges
    started a topic The EAD System is a mess !!!

    The EAD System is a mess !!!

    No wonder there is so much confusion with this silly EAD system - what with
    some POE giving stamps ( though seems to be only JFK at the moment ) and yet
    other POE about as likely to give you a stamp as they are to give you a
    welcome kiss and hug !!! (Not likely).
    You would think that there would be a simple nationwide system in operation
    here - either you get stamps at all POE or at none.

    Following based on my home being in Iowa ( Dreaded NSC )

    Looking through the BCIS site here a little while ago about procedures (I
    765) to get that initial 90 day EAD ( Before Marriage) if entering on a K1
    Visa - you have a few options :
    You could efile the application ( probably the best option - you will see
    why in a while )
    You could go to the Forms section at the BCIS site where if you read the
    form it tells you to send it to your areas service center ( NSC - Lincoln
    Or you could go to the District Office that covers Iowa ( Omaha Nebraska )
    and read there in their Local Filling Procedures -


    Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) (first time & renewals). Nebraska
    and Iowa residents may obtain an appointment for the issuance of Employment
    Authorization Documents:
    Mail all Applications for Employment Authorization, Form I-765, to:

    Omaha District Office
    ATTN: MailRoom
    3736 South 132nd Street
    Omaha, NE 68144

    After your employment authorization application is approved, you will
    receive an appointment by mail to come to the nearest Information office to
    your residence (Omaha or Des Moines, IA) to receive your card.

    Quote End

    No where does it mention mailing anything to the NSC.

    I know both of these offices are in Nebraska - though in different cities -
    but you would think that on the one web site they could at least get the
    info they give out to people to be correct - and not totally different in
    different places.
    And that goes with the instructions on the actual form as well.

    Just my 2 cents..

  • JohnCindy
    The EAD System is a mess !!!

    I actually found the EAD process to be easy (at least in Illinois). It
    took me less than a month from actual filing to processing. I even
    showed up a day early for my interview because I screwed up the dates
    and they approved me a day early.

    Its the rest of the process I'm still stressing over. But the unknown
    future is always feared thats sometimes the problem with imagination, it
    runs away on us

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