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  • HELP ME Georgia

    This post was already posted in another part of this forum, but since the situation all began in GA, I felt I should post it here also.

    Hey everyone.

    I have been separated due to a TPO from my husband, who is an illegal mexican. When we were married, it was because of 'love'. Shortly after the marriage he began to harass me to get his paperwork although I never filed any. I need to know if this is ground for an annulment in Georgia. He was abusive throughout the marriage and was actually arrested for domestic violence in December of 2006.

    Now my biggest question is, I was reading on the website for GA marriage license requirements and we only showed photo ID. It states that birth certifcates need to be shown and if the person was not born in the USA he needs to show legal papers allowinghim to be in the USA. Now this is for March 2007. We were married in Sept of 2006. Would the marriage still be legal if some or all of these requirements were needed back in 2006. Where can I find the old requirements... please help.