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N-400 interview date postponed "due to new circumstances"

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  • N-400 interview date postponed "due to new circumstances"

    Originally posted by elb
    I received exactly the same
    letter in Jan04, three weeks before my interview. Then 2 months later I
    receive another interview date for the mid of Apr 04.
    Vermont was my
    office as well.

    I went through a lot of **** with the
    Vermont service center. This center covers such a big area of the US it
    is known informally as "the Eastern service center" by USCIS employees.
    It is just as bad as the Texas SC in Mesquite, TX. Those have got to be
    the two WORST service centers.

    "Service Area:
    The VSC accepts and
    processes certain applications and petitions from people residing in the
    following states:
    Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland*,
    Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto
    Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia*, U.S. Virgin Islands, West
    Virginia*, and the District of Columbia*. "

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