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Canadian Marriage to American, Where to Live???

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  • Canadian Marriage to American, Where to Live???

    My Girlfriend and myself are beginning to speak of marriage. We live 20 minutes from each other across the border in Windsor and Detroit.

    My question is, what would the pros and cons be of living in either the USA or Canada and how do we go about making everything legal in both countries?

    She would like to continue working in the USA and commute from Canada on a daily basis. But I also want to know what would happen if I chose to Live in the US and continue to work in Canada.

    What are the tax and immigration implications with both situations. We are both professionals and NAFTA applies to both our professions.

    Lastly... what about kids?? Should we have them in the USA or Canada? Does a Canadian get dual citizenship if their mother is an American Citizen? Does it work the other way around...

    HELP... Totally new at all of this... and don't just tell me not to get married because I Love her to Death.



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    Bump, any opinions would be welcomed... US or Canada... where to live, what is easier... better financially


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      I guess we're a rare breed!

      Well, I'm in the same boat. My girlfriend is in Winnipeg and I'm just outside the Twin Cities. We're going to get married in Canada, reason being, we will both have dual citizenship. If you guys get married in the U.S, she technically can't return to Canada for six months. Also, she will lose her citizenship. I'm not 100% sure on all of this. She's been doing most of the research thank God! Well, good luck to you. I realize your post is a year old but i figured what the hell...


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        It is my understanding that all you have to do is what we did. Get married out of country. We went to the Cook Islands. Just be sure to make sure the country you get married in is recognized as legal in both the USA and Canada. You will NOT have dual citizenship, nor do you want it I would say.

        Choose where you want to live and decide. You don't want to have to pay taxes in both countries do you??

        I am no expert....



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          Thanks for the heads up! I can't believe I didn't even think about the tax issue. Just a little caught up with everything else going on I guess. I was just checking out the Cook Islands... I'm impressed. I hadn't even heard of them untill now. It seems we have some decisions to make. What did you guys decide to do? Canada or US? We're both undecided, she's leaning towards B.C. and it doesn't really matter to me so that's where we'll probably end up. Thanks again for the feedback.

          All the best,



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            We went with the US, Canada taxes you to death and we are both professionally employed. If that weren't the case Socialized health care may have made us reconsider.

            Good luck