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Emergency Room Malpractice claims no longer allowed! North Carolina

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  • Emergency Room Malpractice claims no longer allowed! North Carolina

    Senate Bill 33, filed a week ago in the NC Senate by members of the Republican leadership, devastates medical malpractice claims in NC.

    Among the worst parts--emergency room doctors and nurses will no longer be responsible for their preventable professional errors. If an ER doc kills your loved one by accident, you have no claim against the doc or the hospital under this bill! You would only have a claim if he was drunk or high or intended to hurt your loved one. In other words, no recourse for a simple medical mistake that causes harm or death in the ER.

    It also limits your non-economic damages to $250K and will bifurcate jury trials in such a way that settlements will be discouraged. It is a truly terrible bill for patients. Nothing in it addresses the real issue--preventing medical mistakes.

    This is beyond ridiculous, but it is what the Republicans think the good people of NC need. They are beholden to the insurance industry and that is why this Bill is pending.

    If you think this Bill is bad, please, immediately, contact your NC state Senator and House Rep. Logic and fairness does not work with these people; they don't care about either logic or fairness. The only thing they understand is angry voters--angry at them, such that they don't get reelected.

    You can find your rep or Senator's contact info on the NC General Assembly web site. Just type that phrase in the search window. Please ask your Senator and Rep to vote against Senate Bill 33.
    Bob Bollinger, Attorney
    Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law
    Charlotte, NC