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rigth to walk my dog? North Carolina

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  • rigth to walk my dog? North Carolina

    Hi everyone. I need some advice for what happen to me today.

    I just came back from a walk with my 3 months old puppy. On the way of the walk, I got stopped by a SUV and the drive ask me did I pick up the poo while I walk the dog. I told him that my puppy only poo inside of the house, because he is still too young. He drove off and after few minute around the corner of the street, the same SUV drove up to me again with some speed. I put my hand up to tell him to stop before he ran us over. He rolled down the window and I asked who he is.

    He told me that he is the owner of the property "the whole neighborhood". Because me and my puppy was on the road not on the side walk, I told him that I got right to walk my dog on the road and we didn't do any thing illegal. He said that the neighborhood is undeveloped and the road is not release to the city yet. So he said I need to leave and he can call the police on me.

    I told him to go ahead because I didn't do anything wrong. Then he try to ask me what is my name and where do i live. I only gave him my name. Than he was trying to follow me and told me than he will find out where I live and he will get my a$$. I ignored him and called the Charlotte city police dept.

    His neighborhood is right next to mine.
    Did I do any thing wrong?
    Is he right about I am walking in the private property?
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    There are several requirements:

    - If a sidewalk or shoulder is provided, it is usually illegal to walk in the street instead of using the sidewalk or shoulder.

    - If no sidewalk is provided, most state laws require the pedestrian to leave the road and use the adjacent land, if staying on the road blocks traffic.

    - Most governments now require people to pick up their dog waste and dispose of it responsibly.

    - You do not have the right to trespass, or let your dog trespass on private property. But government usually owns a right-of-way on each side of a public road for a distance of about 10 feet from the road. It is not trespass to be on that land.

    - If the road is truly privately owned, you do not have any right to use it, unless your destination is a building on that road. It is effectively the owner's driveway.

    This is also true of parking lots in front of businesses. They are private property, and you have no right to use them, unless you are doing business at a store on the same property.
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