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  • Kroger

    Im am a cashier at a kroger in west virginia, ive notice unfairness where employees that have been there longer well they somehow have the right of pretty much doing whatver they want, like walkin off and having personal conversations with each other, and they dont hardley get yelled at for it, but us new people were to do one thing we get chewed out. and also u have office employees that dip snuff on the clock which u are not allowed to do so. and so i threw one in and am waiting bout what is to be said to me. they may have been there for longer the 15 yrs but there are equal rights. i think kroger needs to get there head out of there u know where. I am a member of the UCFW Local 400 and what i here there for the corporation. i know i could quit but i like it there. and also its pretty bad when ya got rude employees that get hateful with you. but then again i reckon thats how its go so why should i care if so called management doesnt care

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    On most jobs, the longer you are there, the more freedom you have to do things within reason and that is what is going on. I am not sure it is somethin you need to make a union grievance over, but if you are berated you can say I saw such and such person do it, so I thought it was ok.


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      I worked for Kroger's many years ago...I am sad to see nothing has changed and some of the employee's are still doing what they want to do.

      That is the reason why I left....I couldn't tolerate it anymore.
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