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Suggestion: Add a new forum title thingy on... Pennsylvania

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  • Suggestion: Add a new forum title thingy on... Pennsylvania

    Education Law with subtitles on
    Special Education Law
    Public Schools
    Private Schools

    I'm really really surprised that this isn't one area of law that isn't discussed here. I have a special needs child and have dealt with special education laws in PA for a long time now. My experiences with that whole thing cause me to shiver and when I think of all the other parents out there who are getting railroaded by a LEA (Local Educational Agency) who denies the parent's child the right to a LRE (Least Restrictive Environment). I could just pull my hair out.

    Yeah yeah, you know you are talking to a well-versed mother of a special needs child when she start throwing out acronyms thinking everyone should know them

    Education Law is something that I'm very passionate about, given my personal struggles and experiences with it. I'd really like to see it added to the list of forum specific titles that are already here.
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