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The apparent obsession with quoting other posters?

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  • The apparent obsession with quoting other posters?

    Here's a pet peave of mine. Why is it that when an OP posts a very long story & question, people insist on responding by first including a quote of the entire post in their own post?

    We usually know who you are responding to. There's really very little need to quote someone's entire post (especially when it's long). If there are multiple people posting in a thread, and you want to make it clear who you are responding to, just use their screen name.

    For instance, if you respond to my post, don't quote the whole darn thing and then add your response, just say "TSCompliance, you're right, ..." or "TSCompliance, I disagree because..."

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is the quoting function overused in your opinion? Why do people do this?

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    Mea culpa.

    BTW, it is "peeve," not "peave."

    I do try to edit my responses to include only the relevant parts of the post. Sometimes that is not easy.
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      The only time I do it is when I believe that the original poster is going to materially change the post.

      Else, I will quote pieces.
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        Originally posted by TSCompliance View Post
        Is the quoting function overused in your opinion? Why do people do this?
        The quoting function is probably overused on this website. Personally, I have used the quoting function as a reference to make my response stands as a stand-alone document. The quoting function keeps new readers of the thread who have not read every post from getting the wrong conclusion and/or taking the response out of context. In the future, I will personally try to minimize my useage of the quoting function. Thank you for bringing your concern to the attention of all users.
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        I am not an attorney. My personal opinions are not legal advice.

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          Hey Scott, spelling errors are another one of my "peaves". Got me there!

          I don't think I ever noticed you doing the "quoting a whole long post thing". I think I've seen you just partially quote people, which makes more sense.