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  • auto-lock threads

    I know it can be a daunting task to constantly lock inactive threads when there are real questions to answer, so why not add a mod (software modification) to the forums that will auto-lock threads after X days of inactivity. Then people won't be able to post to something 2 years old, and the moderators will have more time for other stuff.

    I did a quick search over at vbulletin and noticed they have a modification for "auto-locking", but I've never used it so I can't testify to it's effectiveness.

    And as an overall note, there are plenty of other software modifications out there that might make your maintenance tasks easier.

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    Why are you so upset about a post to an old thread?

    Most newcomers find the thread with the question they want to ask, rather than the site, by using Google or another search engine.

    It takes time to learn how each BBS works, especially when half of them get mad when you post to old threads and the other half get mad if you start a new thread that asks the same question an existing thread covers. And it's also hard to remember which BBS has which set of rules.

    In addition, the dates render very tiny and dark on a Firefox browser on a higher resolution video card setting. It is sometimes hard to read the date, and your site doesn't make screen tips on the date.
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      it's not that it upsets me, it's just that it would be more efficient. Moderators wouldn't have to split their time between maintenance and answering questions, they could just answer the questions. Then they also wouldn't have to move the posts to a separate thread either and save time there.

      Especially since a lot of the people who tack onto others' threads are one timers that aren't really going to benefit from the education of being told to start their own.

      I personally don't mind though, I just remember a while ago that someone asked why I thread from so long ago was still open and cbg said that she tries to close the threads but sometimes they slip though. So this modification would just make that a little easier if they're going to be locked anyways.

      It was just a suggestion, I didn't know if anyone knew "auto-locking" existed so I thought I'd point out that possibility.


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        <<Why are you so upset about a post to an old thread?>>

        Good question. I can't figure it out either.


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          Alright, I was going to let the first comment slide but was that second post really necessary? I'm pretty sure I've already stated in my response that I wasn't upset.

          I was even pretty sure that it was a reasonable suggestion.

          But I guess I must have been upset to go through the effort of trying to make things a little easier for the moderators.


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            I'm sorry! I didn't direct that post at you. Your original post seemed like a reasonable suggestion, and you don't seem upset at all to me. I always wonder when I see the somewhat snippy "this post is months old so move along" posts. Those seem unnecessary to me.


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              haha no problem.

              I seem to remember reading a post a while ago where someone asked (and this may have been years ago) why were some old threads not locked. The response was because it's a lot of work to always make sure threads are locked. If they wanted them locked and there was an automatic way to do it I don't see why they wouldn't.

              It could even just be for threads that haven't been posted to in over a year. My personal opinion is just that auto-locking old threads would be less work than always commenting to new users that they should start their own thread and then moving it to their own.


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                Yes, that does seem easier.

                Easier still, though, would be to chill when someone responds to an old thread. Maybe an interesting discussion can be started. What's the harm?


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                  well i read a moderators post and they said that each goes about it a different way. Some will let discussions continue, others won't.

                  It does make sense because then it keeps topics straight and to the point. Having a clear logical train of thought will be post helpful in understanding the resolution to the OPs question (Actually the easiest would be a feature like "yahoo answers" that shows which answer is correct).

                  If an interesting topic needs to be discussed they can take place in the "general discussion" area.