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  • Changes to Site?

    I just noticed tonight that our profiles look different. Now it's just like another message board site I go to. Is this some type of upgrade? Now if you look at your own profile, you can click different "pages" of it.

    Weird, and I just got a notification for a friend request. I don't think we've ever had that option here before, have we?

    Hmm, maybe now we can rate each other's reputations like the other site too...
    On this other site, you can click on a button in any post to rate it positively and the poster gets a reputation "point." You try to get as many points as possible. They disabled negative ratings, because people were misusing it and negatively rating a post simply because they disagreed with it.

    Hope we see more improvements, plus some explanations of how to use them.

    (I just noticed that Tag thing that DAW & Joe posted about as well. How do you add Tags to a thread, and why would a person want to?)
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