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  • Emancipation Michigan

    I am 15 and i am looking to be emancipated. I know the courts only allow emancipation under certain circumstances and i was wondering if child abandoment would count as one of the circumstances, does anyone have any idea on that and if so what are the requirments? I lived with my dads parents my whole life and and during that time had no contact with my mother. Stupidly and for the reason of still longing for my mother i went to live with her last year. Ive learned from good reason, she is not the person i need to live with. She does not work and cant even feed the 3 children she had before i moved in.I finally got back to live with my grandparents but then she field a report of kindnapping sayin my dad wasnt none of my daddy and since he wasnt on the birth certificate we had to take a DNA and it is true he was not my bio-father. So im stuck wit my so called mother again who by the way for 15 years wanted nothing to do with me. I believe the only reason she wants me now is for stupid income taxes and petty guilt. My question is since i will be 16 in 2 months can i be emancipated because of abandonment? Any and all help is aprriciated. Plz and Thank's

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    In Michigan, there are 4 ways a minor can be emancipated without a court order. These are referred to as "emancipation by operation of law." A minor is automatically emancipated:

    1) when validly married;
    2) when reaching the age of 18 years;

    3) during the period when the minor is on active duty with the armed forces; and

    4) for the purposes of consenting to routine, nonsurgical medical care or emergency medical treatment when the minor is in the custody of a law enforcement agency and the minor's parent or guardian cannot be promptly located. This last emancipation ends upon the termination of medical care or treatment or upon the minor's release from custody, whichever occurs first.
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