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    I was just wondering if there were a way to close older threads that have not been used in say... 3 months or so? That way, we can more easily read through a one topic thread and not have several hitchhikers on the thread.

    Not sure if that would be a desired effect for everyone, I was just a thought.

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    old threads

    I will have to look into that type of function. Thank you for the suggestion.


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      It's a good idea, but if it's possible (which it probably isn't) it would be nice to allow the OP to post in it. That way they could say what actually happened.
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        maybe a new forum could be started for threads that are 3 months (whatever cut off you want to use) old. That way, the OP could post with an update, but those that are just dying to reply to dead threads could be easily ignored and discounted.
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          That is not a bad idea.

          I have seen several folks resurrect dead threads and it gets confusing.

          If you "close" a dormant threat, someone could always refer to it, but just not open it.
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