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Can parent force me go to college, at 17? West Virginia

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  • Can parent force me go to college, at 17? West Virginia

    My mother has custody of me, and I will graduate when I am 17. My birthday is in September, and I was wondering if my mother can force me to go to college. She will, but only to break me and my boyfriend up because she doesn't like him. I know all the good that can come out of college, but I also know all the bad (I'm very influental and the only college I will consider would be a party college and there is no way she is going to pay for it or get loans and such without driving herself into the ground with debt). I just need to know if it is legal for her to force me into a college or not. I never wanted to go to college. Another stupid reason she wants me to go is becasue I'm the third child, the first didn't go to college and went straight into the workforce and the second went into the military and she justs wants me to go to college to do something different, like I'm some king of guinea pig, to see how each one of us turns out. Can she do it?

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    When's your birthday, and when does college start? And if you don't go, how do you plan to support yourself outside of her home?
    I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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      As long as you are a minor, yes, she can.
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