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    I have a 22 month old daughter. Her biological father only saw her 4 times after she was born. I left him a week after her birth because of his drug addiction and he threatend me for the 2 years I was with him. He stalked me and harressed me to the point where I am afraid to be alone in my own house. I had to file for child support in order to get a medical card for my daughter and now he wants to be in her life since he has to pay for her. He denied she was even his until the test results came back. He has had supervised visits for the last 6 months. Durring visits he had brought a gun and had it in his car and brought other men with him to try to intimidate me and my family. My mother, step father, and fiance have all done the supervising. The last time we werer in court all of these things were brought up and more and the judge didn't even seem to care, but he did aword an atterny for my daughter. He stated that he will speak with me and my ex and decised if the visits should continue supervised or not. (my ex is trying his best to get her alone) The lawyer doesn't really seem to care about my side of the story. HE told me that it is in the best interest of the child if I try to speak with my ex and communicate with him. I tried to tell him that it doesn't work. He doesn't understand that I don't want to be with him and never will. He even told the lawyer that my fiance threatend him and now he can not go to visitations. (but yet in court he spacificly asked that he do them) now I havee found out that he tried to mullest the other little girl that he is suppossed to have visition with in july. Her mother took her to CPS the other day and I guess they are working on thing now. My hearing is in 2 days now and I'm scared to death! This isn't about him or me is about my daughter and her saftey. I just want to know that she is safe and I do not feel that she will be if he is allowed to have her alone like he is wanting. I do not think that he is really even menatally capable of taking care of her. I would also like a psycolgical evaluation done on him but from the looks of it, I'll be the one paying not only for him but me too in order to get that done and I just don't have hundreds of dollers laying around. Any advice?