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    what are the laws pertaining to Grandparents' Rights in WV. I don't have the money to hire an attorney, as I am a single parent of 3. My mother started a feud w/ me & my fiance 2+ years ago. I tried to forgive/ forget over the past year & we were starting to mend our broken relationship, which had been pretty close in the past. She got a burr up her heiney a couple of wks ago & stirred up a bunch of hard feelings within our family, which resulted in me getting my teeth knocked out (by another family member). She came to my house, beating down both doors after & proceeded to yell, call me names, put her finger in my face, & threaten to knock out my other teeth for over two hours. Now, she starts the drill of calling my house several times a week wanting to see my kids. She may call once a week, if that often, when we were getting along. She does this to see if I'm going to "let her" see them. The phone calls get annoying & sometimes I just don't answer. She says I am refusing to let her see them & threatens to take me to court for GrandParents' Rights to visitation. She will drive by my house to see if I'm home, then go home & call. If I don't answer, she comes to my house beating on the door & yelling while the kids are there & can hear every word. I have NEVER told her she couldn't see them & it's not against the law to not answer your phone. There are other instances that warrant her being a negative influence on the kids and I worry.