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contempt or harassment? West Virginia

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  • contempt or harassment? West Virginia

    Hi all,
    New to this, so please bear with me. Been D for 4 years. 2 children with ex, ages now are 8 and 18. Recently went in for mediation and time spent (we have shared custody) with children due to fact ex constantly involves oldest in our bickering. She goes weeks without speaking to me because he has her believe I am the root of all evil. I ask him 1 question about an activity for youngest and I endure email after email of his hatred for me and He even showed up to court with both of them on our court day! (it was his day to have them) I don't know what, if anything, has been said to our youngest. But he has admitted to telling oldest the outcome of our last court hearing. That's why she wont speak to me, because he now has to pay cs. Can I do anything legally to stop him from alienating me from my oldest, or is it impossible with the courts due to her being 18? Is it contempt or harassment? The courts have told him since the beginning that each of us are to be only supportive of each other to the children. This is one area he constantly doesn't do. What can I do?

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    I don't think you could hold him in contempt of court for that. My ex threatened to kill me many times while we were together and stalked me. ( still stalking me and my daughter now) and nobody has done anything about. THey even want me to communicate with him " for the best interest of the child" I won't do it because of this like what you are going through. Just try to stay strong. just think. 10 more years right? you can do it!