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Terminate Incarcerated Parental Rights Virginia

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  • Terminate Incarcerated Parental Rights Virginia

    My ex-husband was sentented to 25 years in federal prison a year ago. My daughter will be 32 years old when he gets out (there is no parole). I have not received child support in the past three years (or consistent support for the prior 4 years). He has not attempted to contact my daughter in the past year. I intercepted a letter he wrote to another prisoner that contained my personal information (address, phone) telling the inmate to "check" on us. Is it possible to have his rights terminated?

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    You need to speak to an atty. Normally, unless you are remarried to a person that is willing, able, and fit to adopt a TPR is not going to be an option. However, your circumstances are obviously a bit different than the norm.

    Good luck.

    (Even if I knew for a fact that you could have his rights terminated, I would still tell you to talk to an atty. TPR is not a DIY project.)
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