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dating 4th cousin in Vermont

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  • dating 4th cousin in Vermont

    Ok so i live in Vermont. I have been hanging out with this guy for a few months and i really like him.....The only problem is that he is my fourth cousin. Now i dont know what to do because i really like him and i want to date him but my mom says its illegal because of the whole cousin thing. A lot of people have told me that after third cousins it doesnt matter but my mom doesnt believe it....Can you tell me if dating your fourth cousin in Vermont is legal??? It would be greatly appreciated thank you very much

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    In most places, that is not really an issue.


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      Really isnt

      It usally isnt an issue if u want 2 date him all i can say is good luck and i hope it works out for u hun and hav a good day.


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        Go 4 what u want......

        There is nothing wrong with it so go for it if that is what you really want ill wish u happiness and hope so anyways good luck cause it really isnt an issue anyways be sure to have fun and stay kool and be sure to go for what you want.


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          hey girl well it isnt issue dont worry about it just make sure you let your mom understand the whole situation dont argue about it just talk let her now how you feel from your point of view


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            Good grief, who actually manages to figure out the cousin to the fourth degree? I never understood the 2nd cousin6 times removed, either. Who takes the time to work that out???
            HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!
            How do you catch a very rare rabbit?
            (unique up on him)
            How do catch an ordinary rabbit?
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