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Help with a question regarding step-parent and child

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  • Help with a question regarding step-parent and child

    Hi. If anyone can help, i would appreciate it!!!
    Heres the situation:
    Me and my ex-husband divorced 4 yrs ago. My son was never adopted by him (my choice), so which means he has no legal rights what so ever.

    My son is having a hard time - he is 12. He is aggressive towards sister, doesnt eat well, sleep well, and is arguementive, and sometimes -not all the time, shows me disrespect. He visits his step-dad often and step-dad does not have these issues with him. He respects his step-dad(stepdad has been in his life for 11 years)

    Me and my son and his stepfather, sat down and talked about my son living with him for awhile, help get him on a better routine, spend "dad" time together and do all the things with my son, that i cannot , being a woman, such as fishing, basketball, etc. My son really needs this! (We are hoping this will help my son!)

    We went to transfer him out of his school so he could move in with stepdad and go to school in his town. ( not too far from me). The school my son attends now looked into laws and gave me paper work, stating that I would have to go through court process on giving my exhusband guardianship before he could enroll my son into the other school. I assumed that I could write a letter and have it notorized without court proceedings. I know of a few people, who wasnt even related to a child or step parent, who took in a child to help out for awhile, without a court process, just by writing up a letter and had it notorized. I really do not want to go that route, of changing guardianship, i was hoping for just a trial basis to see if it would work out first before making this legal through courts. And if i did go through courts and give my ex guardianship, whats my chances of reversing it, if ever needs to be in the future? Any information or laws posted would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!