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Really Hate my ex!!!! Vermont

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  • Really Hate my ex!!!! Vermont

    so, now after years of getting away from my ex who abused me, he getting custody from a female judge who liked him, and not allowed overnights for some ungodly reason, I can now have overnights. The court said I could have overnights but had to let my ex back into my home to make sure it was fit. God Truth, this really happened. Last year finally I was given overnights, my ex said it was ok after his mother began feeling bad for me. Guilt? maybe. We verbally agreed to giving me a couple of weeks in the summer instead of the 2 hours on my court ordered midday visit, which I did agree too. So here it is june 16th my first week with my kids, and my ex decides to have my 15 year old daughter call me up and say "mom your behind in child support by a month, so dad says you CANNOT have us, sorry mom. You have no idea how many years and issues this man has caused between me and my children. EVIL!. Plus I decided in the past to take each phone call or change HE made with a grain of salt, and decided God would deal with him later on. That thought did give me comfort at times. Anyways, I did tell him this was wrong that CS and visitation do not go hand in hand in the eyes of the court. He says ok, take me to court. I am sick of going to court over and over. First the abuse, then he makes me look bad as a mother, and he gets custody by a judge who is calling my ex by his first name and I am still "mrs."...and keeps letting him get away with crap! Ok, I am venting, tomorrow is another day, kids are getting near adulthood, I do see relief in the future. God