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    My situation is, my wife and I have been married about 2 year sin January. She teels me she never wanted to get married in the first place and I have prrof of that in her diary. My question is, we are 26 been married less than 2 years, I currently lost my job, she does not work, she is in school, has never worked. We have quite a bit of Debt, but I am willing to take on more than 50%, do you see the judge making me take on all debt or having to pay her alimony, with being so young, no kids and not being married long

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    idea for you


    I must admit that i am unfamiliar with SC law for domestic relations but...

    the alimony part in most states starts at 2 years so i am thinking that you may wish to file before you hit the 2 year point or at least file legal separation papers before that point.

    Oh yes by the way If you have relations with your wife after date of separation that can negate the date and you start over again.

    I hope you don't have to pay but you really might want to start visiting attornies. Some states view your supporting her while she goes to school as a commitment some do not. Hopefully she was going to school before you married thus a precedent might have been set.