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Can i file for abandonment? South Carolina

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  • alonendesperatesc
    started a topic Can i file for abandonment? South Carolina

    Can i file for abandonment? South Carolina

    ok well to sum things oct of 07 i received my divorce from my ex husband on grounds of physical cruelty and habitual drug use.. he soon got out of jail and put on probation for 3 years with strict restrictions of "no contact" with me.. well by jan of 08 he had violated his probation for the 2nd time.. now he is a fleeing felon, as far as i know he has left the state of sc... there are about 5 or 6 different warrants out for him right now pertaining to probation, threatening to kill me, and numerous other offenses....
    so my question is how long do i have to wait to try and have his rights to our two sons, ages 4 and 5, relinquished??
    and just an added point he has two older sons now 19 and 20, he owes 45,000 on child support and didn't attempt to see them for 12 years, they both now want nothing to do with him either.. he only made 2 child support payments of $100 each to me and then stopped..

  • lawseeker
    Your ex reminds me of my ex.....

    The habitual drug use, constantly in and out of jail/prison or probation. He is in prison now and considered a fugitive of justice and amongst other charges is now going to be tried as an habitual felon. The children and I live in NC now and he is in a prison about 2 hours away. After he serves his time here, SC is going to come get him for numerous other offenses including violation of probation there....
    I can't believe that the courts have allowed the child support to get up to 45,000... Mine only made 1 child support payment of $100 to me and then stopped got arrested..... Definitely can't get child support while he is in there....

    Good luck

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