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Clarification on "medical expenses"?? South Carolina

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  • Clarification on "medical expenses"?? South Carolina

    I need to know where I can find out what qualifies as "uncovered medical expenses" in SC in regards to a divorce/child care order. My ex has always been a pain when it comes to paying for our daughter's expenses. Our court order requires him to pay 70% of all uncovered medical expenses, but does not specify what this entails. DDs orthodontist decided that she needs to get braces because her upper teeth are too crowded and there is not room for the 4 additional permenant teeth that still need to come in. If she does not get the braces and palate spreader those teeth will become impacted and will have to be removed.

    Initally ex-H wanted to wait until January to have it done, but we convinced him to go forward with it because of these issues. He is now saying that braces are a cosmetic procedure, not something that's medically necessary, so he's only paying half rather than his 70%. Short of going to an attorney, how can I get clarification on this matter? Her appointment is scheduled for Tuesday and he just told me today that he's only paying half.

    Thanks in advance!