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    My brother and wife are seperated. She called the police on him Dec 20th to have him removed from the home,the cops came but no papers were filed against him because IT WAS A LIE. Jan 14 (a mth later)she had a warrant placed on him for spousal abuse/child cruelty he served 2 days in jail for a incident that she lied and said happen xmas day. He was with me and family all day and night!!! He since then has had a restraining order on him from the same case. She has sinced called apprx 20-30 times a day,leaves harrasing phone calls, and recently she came to our cousin home and vandalised his car. He called the police/his lawyer and adv them of her actions and let them here her messages and showed the phone logs. They advised him that he cant press charges against her,cant get a restraining order on her and if he talks to her,even if she is calling his job,cell phone he can be arrested. Is this true. Is south carolina laws/lexington county this bogus????? There is only so much that one person can take and he is being advised that he has to take it until the divorce is final. I do not want my brother to snap and hurt her and I dont want to hurt her either. Please if anyone can help us... We would appreciate
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