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    South Carolina is the worst state for a custody hearing. Don't let your child go to SC or you will loose them for ever!!
    My finance' was living in TX when his son's mother and maternal granmdmother tried to get custody in MD. They were living MD at the time and the son was born in MD. The MD judge denied custody because of " no consent from the father " ( my finance' ). The mother signed a paper saying she could "no longer care for her son" and dissapeared. My finance' was on his way back to MD while this occurred. The maternal Grandmother took the son and moved to SC, never telling my finance' or anyone else where they went, address...nothing. It took him 5 months to find him with my help and the MD school records. Let me iterate here that my finance' and his son's mother were never married and nnever established legal custody in MD.
    My finance' got a lawyer in SC and took the Grandmother and her 3rd husband to court to sue for custody of his son.
    They had my finance's parental right terminated and he didn't fit ANY of the SC criteria for that, plus they adopted his son and changed his last name to thiers. ALL done against my finance's knowledge and wishes, not to mention his son's. They let him talk to his son on the phone and see himm occasionally. His son wants to live with us and be with his Dad. What do we do?? By the fianance' never got any type of court papers after the hearing. he only got a phone call 2 weeks after the hearing from his lameass lawyer telling him that they terminated his rights and gave them custody. he tried to call the courthouse where the hearing was held to get the hearing documents and was told that he could'nt have access to them. HE was the PLANTIFF!!!
    I HAVE NEVER in my life seen such a travesty sandbagging of a hearing as I did in the Georgetown courtroom that day.
    Is there anything we can do now?? His son is miserable. Now the Grandmother leaves him home alone while she goes to work. He's 11yrs old and had asthma.

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    so we should shop around for another attorney and investigate filing fraud, kiddnapping and civil suit damages even though the custody hearing was 2 years ago??? For 2 years we have agonized over the situation feeling very helpless. All we want is for my financee's son to be happy/healthy 11yr old. In his current situation, he has...lives in agted community, had no friends, has never had a friend spend the night, is in no after school activities school related or otherwise. The Grandmother and step Grandfather never ever have taken him on any vacations or educational day trips, museums, ball games, nothing. Now he is being left home alone 3 days and or nights a week while the Grandmother goes to work. The Step Grandfather is a Merchant marine and is out to sea 3weeks at a time. There were some other things that happened at the hearing that we feel was suspicious, under handed and secretive.
    Any ther thoughts or suggestions?? Since we don't live in SC, we don't know one good lawyer from a bad one until after the fact. Out lawyer was terrible!!