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  • non-parent custody South Carolina

    My husband and I live in SC and have three daughters (9, 7, & 6). We have a 16 y/o teenager living with us due to family issues within her home. We had her full time for approx. 3 1/2 months two years ago because her mother put her out. She and her mother went to counceling and she moved back in with her mother. Since then, the teenager has been with us almost every weekend, over the summer, and any school holiday. We are aware that the teenager has some anger issues, and needs some therapy. Her mother put her out again a couple of weeks ago and said that if we didn't want her she was going to put her in a girls home. She is like our own child, so we let her stay and her mother says she wants to give us legal custody of her but does not want to be financially responsible for her in any way because if she didn't stay with us she would be in a home. I do not think she should get off that easy of not having to support her child financially because you choose not to deal with the issues but rather get rid of the issue. Her mother has given us her birth certificate and SS card. I have tried researching on line, however am having difficulty locating information on custody issues that do not deal with custody between parents who are divorced or sepatrated or those who have mental or physical issues.

    My first question is what is the process of getting custody as right now, since we do no have legal custody, we can not make decisions that involve school and other things of that nature. We live in a different district and it is very inconvenient to get her back and forth to school and do not have the rights to make medical decisions for her.

    The second is when we do get custody of her, can we file for child support?

    The third is if her mother were to put her in a girl's home, would her she be financially responsible in anyway for her care? Thank you for your incite.
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    I am looking at facing a similar situation with a friend of mine, within a matter of months. If anyone has advice on this issue, please PM me, or post it!