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Oklahoma/family law/child paterity-support.

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  • Oklahoma/family law/child paterity-support.

    I am a soldier currently deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army. I've recently recieved notice of actions being taken against me regarding Paterity and Child Support. I have questions regarding my rights to prove pos/neg paternity before signing any papers or providing information towards calculating support amounts. This issue has been ongoing for the past five years, since my entry into military service. This is the fourth time I've been sent these documents to be signed, noterized, and returned. I have done so through the JAG office while deployed to Afganistan in 2002, again while briefly home at Ft. Campbell, and one more while deployed to Iraq in 2003. The three prior sets of documents have been signed, noterized, and returned to the woman suing me. To the best of my knowledge, they have never been filed in Texas (place of childs birth) or in Oklahoma ( place of childs residence and state of juristiction). I am asking if this case can be forstalled untill my return from active overseas deployment by invoking the Soldiers Sailors Act. Upon return to the United States I wish to have a genetic test to determine true paterity of the child in question. The mother and child are Native American Indian. I believe I have this right to find out true paternity before commiting to support due to the length of time and ample opportunity the mother has had to resolve this issue before now. I need answers. I am intent on consulting the nearst JAG officer when the opportunity arrises and I have transprotation to Brigade HQ near Tikit, Iraq. Any help would be appriciated.
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    I strongly suggest that you write the court, inform them you are on active duty in Iraq and need to invoke your rights under the Soldiers and Sailors Act. I also suggest you get to JAg asap to get them to respond to the legal paperwork. Your other problem is that your command may require you to sign the child up as a military dependent, add the child to healthcare and have you pay the dependent portion of your pay sent to the mother for child support. If you have any family members who can monitor the paperwork and what is going on in OK, that would be a good idea. You can invoke Soldiers and Sailors but the court may still enter interim temporary orders and not make a final resolution until you get back.


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      You can take care of the paternity action before you get back. The military is pretty good about providing a DNA sample if they receive a court order.