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  • CS accounting games in Oklahoma

    Hi all - thanks for the forum

    I am a NCP in Oklahoma, paying $665.87 a month for my two kids. Like many of you, I am paid bi-weekly and the support is taken directly from my checks for CS. What I didn't know is that CS figures the support this way:

    $665.87 a month x 12 = $7990.44

    $7990.44 a year / 26 paychecks a year = $307.32 a check

    Seems ok...and this is what my employer was taking out, as per the support order. Now, 10 months out of the year, I only get two the CS office receives $614.64 those months. The other 2 months I have three checks, and the CS office receives $921.96 and I "catch up."

    Here's the problem: the CS office determines the amount paid by the MONTH - in other words, each month they only receive $614.64, they say I am $51.23 short, or "in arrears" if you prefer. This amount is carried over to the next month's balance, and I am charged interest on that amount, which is also added on. By the time I "catch up" in the sixth month, I have a significant amount still on my balance from the interest accrued. By the end of the year, I am "in arrears" and subject to tax refund intercept, or other collection measures.

    Please check your own situation out and make sure this isn't happening to you. That interest money won't go to your kids, and I know I join other NCP's in wanting the money we pay the CS office to go to our kids and ONLY our kids. I solved the problem by telling my accountant to withhold $332.94 the first check, $332.93 the second check, and nothing if and when I have a third check in one month. Fortunately, I work for a small enough company that the change was easy for me.

    Also, if you receive a child support order or change in the middle of a month, the CS office will often make the support retroactive, as if you owed that amount since the first of that month. Since payroll withholding is notoriously slow to change, watch out for this as can easily put you "in arrears" even if you have done what you're supposed to do in regard to withholding. Check to see if your state office has a website and review your account often.

    Good luck to all you NCP's out there - I know sometimes it seems those of us who are honestly trying to do the right thing get the shaft, but I know the majority of you just want to do what's right for your kids. Keep on top of your situation, and don't trust the CS office to do it right!

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    You could stay married or have a private arrangement with the mother of the children too.