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Child Support Daycare in Oklahoma

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  • Child Support Daycare in Oklahoma


    My question is this: In the state of Oklahoma when does paying for child care as part of the child support stop?

    Does it have to be written in the support papers?

    We have been paying for daycare expenses even though my step daughter has not been in daycare for years now.


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    Does the order say you must pay a certain dollar amount (ie-$100/week) or does it just say that you are responsible for all or part of the daycare costs. If it's the former, you'll need to have it modified in court. If it's the latter, you can stop at any time, since there is no longer any daycare costs.


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      I am sorry about the mishap of having to pay daycare expenses for your child unfortunately you will not get that money back unless the Mother offers it to you. That is true though you have the right to apply for a modification if you don't have any criminal issues regarding the child support for ie omit failure to pay ect..ect.. or you have arrearages. It's really sad how OK laws operate. Their really closed mouth in regards to taking care of their own especially when you live out of the state. Watch out!