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  • emancipation in oklahoma

    I'm 17 years old and living in the southern part of Oklahoma. I live with my mom who shares custody of me with my dad. A lot of unprovable emotional abuse occurs in my household and I believe that my mom may be bipolar or manic depressive but I cannot prove it, nor can I bring up the situation. I'm seeking an emancipation mostly because my dad is not financially stable. I have my permit (cannot get my license for four more months) and I graduate this May but the risks of staying in this household longer than mandatory are frightening. I have adults who are no relation to me who are willing to sign for residency. I'm able to provide for myself financially, but recently I had to quit my job. I need to know if I am a candidate or not? What are the restrictions on Oklahoma laws? Is it even worth the try? Mom won't sign any agreement so are there ways around that?

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    I suggest seeing if the folks who can take you in can file a petition to be your legal guardians until you are age 18, as you sound like you need some more maturity before getting emancipated and are not yet ready to be an adult but need to leave your current situation. Talk with a school counselor for ideas also.


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      need opinion

      I have guardians i wont to get emancipated because the people that got guardianship of me is physical and verbal abusive to me can i get emancipated with my parents permission or do i have to get the guardians permission can my parents revoke the guardianship they have of me