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  • Grandparent and custody Oklahoma

    Question/Need advise:
    My daughter was 17 and at home (my/her home) when she gave birth to her son. She has told people "Mom has helped me a lot with.." or has told "mom just took him away from me.." She has gone on with her life and has had the child maybe two full years (counting off and on) out of his 11 years. I have had him with me this last time for two and a half years and sent him to school and raised him. His Mother lives about three hours away. This child is torn about loving his Mom and loving me but wants to stay with me now all the time except to go visit his Mom. She now insists that he come back to her this summer and stay. (at the time she let him come here 2.5 yr's back she was in another relationship and she has since married this guy BUT she only sent the child here because (in my opinion) he was getting in the way of her seeing this guy) he was getting very adamant about not having another guy around! He needs counseling and she has refused me the right to get it for him. Saying all he needed was to come back there and she would "whip his *** and straighted him up" It's a long nasty story. Seems I can't get everything out here. My question after this long post is would I have a good chance at guardianship or custody if I got an attorney? I am afraid to alienate her and lose the battle and not get to see my grandson again. I really only want whats best for him but knowing him as I do he can't take another "Dad" and boss. I must say in her defense she has things right this time and has a good life. But she is an adult now and can reason but this child can't. All she says is "I'M the Mother!" Of course I've not voiced my thoughts on custody to her! What are the options? Do I have any?