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  • Oklahoma

    hi i have a question about a friend who is 17 a stay in oklahoma. her mom takes her money hits her just last night she hit her in her chest and knocked her in to the wall and then her mom takes 150 out of her pay check every two weeks just to take it's not for rent or anything and no her mom is not saving it. her mom took her money she had saved up for a car and she had almost 2000 saved for a car her mom used that for her boyfriend to get his car out the shop my friend pays her cell phone bill and buy her self some items like a pair of shoes clothes but not much because it all goes to her mom and she also pays for food now i told her to get paper work from everything she forced to buy and to take pictures of all marks put on her by her mom she is also trying to get more hours at work and she has very good grades in school and is very smart with a goal which is to go to college yes she is 17 but she has a mind like a 21 year old who knows what she wants now is there a chance she can file to have her self emancipated and also how long will it take to go through plus i would like to know is there a way she can go about this with out saying she has been hit because she does not want the state to take away her little brother at all and no her mom does not hit her little brother i need help with this asap cause i really don't like it when she cry and when she have me on the phone just to hear what her mom be upset over and when i can hear her mom hitting her it is to the point that yes i am over the age of 18 and in another state i am thinking about just telling her to just buy a ticket and just move here with me and yes i am her boyfriend and i know i could go to jail if she did , but it would worth it as longs as she is not being hurt anymore and is not scared to fall a sleep not knowing what role her mom is going to play that night. i want to see her be someone in life and live her life freely and grow more in to her own as a person. thank you for your help
    ps. she is not moving in with me she feels that living on her own would make her a better person so she could learn a grow
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    if you are concerned

    Call child protective services... If she runs away, then she will be a runaway. You would not be protecting her if she came to live with you. Taking a minor out of state is a very very bad idea.
    Even if she turned 18, she could not take the little brother out of state. She needs to call child protective services or you do.
    They have a better chance of going to live with the Father. WHere is he and has he been informed of the abuse?


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      well they don't have the same fathers and her father does not care he is not on her birth cert. so she doesn't have a father by law she want to go live with her aunt but because her mom stays out there she is in fear that her mom will come and hurt her so she want to live out of state she doesn't have family that state out of state but me and my family and mom she that she could stay with her if there was a way to do it. i really don't want her living with me cause i would be a distraction and i don't know if the courts would give the rights to my mom only till her birthday which is in a few months i need help on how to get her out with out her mom knowing for one and for her to be safe i was thinking she was trying to get a order of protect against her mother but i don't know that she can and i know out here that you can get one and all her mother rights would be revoked and she would have to go to a foster home or find a legal guard that is 21 or older and must meet the requirments of the courts also out here u can recieve a emergency emacipation that can be approve after a protect order have been file and prove and unlike most she can only get her self in schools and that is about it really

      ps i know running away is bad and that i could have went to jail and she would have been in worst troblem i just feel hurt cause by law there is nonething i guess can be done to really save her