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    I have a son being born in 6 weeks. His mother moved to Okalahoma at the 4 month point of our pregnancy. We are not married. I moved 1300 miles to be available but could not get a job with my company in Oklahoma, so now I live 130 miles away in Texas. I want to be an active parent not a distant support. She has chosen not to communicate with me on a regular basis and I am uninformed about the preganancy. I realize I have no legal actions available at this time, but want to be prepared. She had stated that she would list me as the father on the birth certificate. I want to believe that she is going to do the right things but the last 3 months have not given me much faith in the subject. What actions should I be taking now if any? When the baby is born? I have already missed out on the experience of the pregnancy and do not want to miss out anymore. She had stated that she wanted to breast feed for the first 6 months which indicates to me she will not make him available for bonding. Since I live in another state what choices will I have? Can a father really be treated this way? Do I have any chance a custody beings that I do not live in Oklahoma. She is currently not working nor has she all year long, and I imagine when the baby is born she will not either. I am 32, have a real professional job Monday - Friday 8-5. I am stable by all means, with the exception of being sad about my current situation. Please give me some advice

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    The minute the baby is born you need to establish legal paternity, either by signing an affidavit of paternity (if you two are communicating by then) or by requesting a DNA test. You then must sue for custody/visitation. I can tell you that breastfeeding alone is not a reason to limit contact with the father. That is what breast pumps are for. She can express milk to send with the baby. 130 miles is not an unreasonable distance if it is ordered that you meet halfway. That's about an one hour drive. (If you drive like me, shorter) So, in summary, file for legal paternity and custody/visitation.
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