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Any advice on Adoption procedure

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  • Any advice on Adoption procedure

    My ex just informed me he wants to give up his parental rights as long as my husband agrees to adopt her. I informed him this is the only way he can give up his parental rights is if someone else is willing to take over his responsibilities. Thing is, his mother is very controlling. My attorney stated she can't communicate with him even though he has stated he has no attorney and chooses to have no legal representation. My attorney wants to contact the attorney he had a few years ago, whom his mother hired on his behalf. The thing is, as soon as this attorney is contacted, she will in turn contact his mother and inform her of what is going on. We don't want that for the simple fact that she is very munipulative and that is why he has moved away from her. Is there any way around this? In the state of ND can he self represent or write a letter to the courts stating his choice for terminating his parental rights? We all want this to go smoothly without the problems from his mother. I have agreed with my ex that our child will maintain contact with her and the rest of his family, and that I will send him pictures and a letter once a year letting him know about the things in our childs' life. Any help would be greatly appreciated!